Airplane love

They have met on the plane, 10 years ago. 

About 11.9 million people fly on the average day — the size of a small country. With over a third of these passengers flying alone, the potential for meeting someone in the air could be pretty high. Kasia and Pierre were one of the 4 people on the average flight that met the love of their life in the air. We love that kind of love stories, don’t we? :)

They have never actually celebrated their wedding so a few days ago they made a party in Zürich, where they live - simple but yet so emotional. Bellow you can see some highlights from that happy day. All the best on your future path, dear Kasia and Pierre!


Do you remember that feeling of being completely enchanted by someone? Constantly smiling at each other, unable to take your eyes off your love, feeling immensely happy and grateful that the other exists. Well, these two love birds are truly embodying this sensation right now. We had a cute little Ibiza photo session before they spread their love wings and flew over the seas together… :-)  

Yoga detox time!

I was invited to Sardinia for a yoga detox retreat with an amazing Julia as a kundalini teacher to make some photos for her. 

The whole experience was overwhelming not just because of the unspoiled nature of Sardinian coast but as well of the unity of the yoga group. So much vibrancy, interesting conversations and peace & laughter at the same time, ah! Some of them decided to book me for their private photo session and few of my favourite photos I am sharing with you above.  

And … Sardinia, I am surely coming back! :)

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