Ibiza Surprise Proposal

Surprise proposal and Ibiza - what a combination! There are many beautiful places to ask your loved one to spend the rest of your life with you, and Ibiza… well, it’s just so magical. 

Lately, the island is booming with love and surprises. Here are a few tips how to make your special moment unforgettable…

  • Chose a place, which is quite private. You don’t want to ask her on a crowdy beach or in a middle of a street.
  • If you are booking a photographer be sure you get comfy with him/her. Ask him/her for suggestions of the spot, the best timing (light is so important) and some additional items, like a bottle of champagne, flowers,… 
  • What to wear? If you are proposing in Ibiza, then earthy colors will probably do the trick, if you are proposing her in nature, but consult with your photographer as well, he/she knows the best…
  • Make it simple - don’t try to put the ring in a cake or tie it to kite or dog’s collar… 
  • Think before what you will be saying to her, and try not be too long 

…and finally… Relax, everything is going to be ok… ;) 


Alessia. 🥰 

She needed a photographer to document her birthday, which she was celebrating on that beautiful sunny Saturday. And as much La Granja is the coolest design hotel in Ibiza, so is Alessia the coolest Italian woman I know here in Ibiza. Surrounded with friends and family, and honey-hued fields and moody pine forests … one cannot wish for more! 

Love and laughter everywhere! 

The photos tell the story by themselves. 

Happy birthday, dear! 🥳🤩😎😍

Let’s Dream

let’s dream

let’s dream so hard

that they are forced to manifest themselves in to reality

~ dreamer ~

In the wilderness of Ibiza, a few individuals (and some cats) were sharing & enjoying the creative process and this is the result. Thank you everybody for great time and all the beauty of that day! :) 

Dress: Ylva Kailash
Model: Mika
MUAHGiusi Ferrato
Assistant: Magdalena Byland

Photography: Amanda Gril

Videography: Reinier Reimus

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