Ibiza - Dubai

Photography isn’t my passion.

People are.

How they interact, how they feel and how they show Love. My camera is just my tool to capture their essence. 

I'm most inspired by

Beauty – because I see it everywhere. 

Impermanence – nothing exists indefinitely, that’s why I try to capture this kiss, that look, those smiles on photo ‘forever’. 

Joy. Kindness. Truth. 

Self-driven every day, because Life is such a gift!

I focus on artful moment photography, fresh and documentary style is what I breathe on each portrait session or wedding. 

With a background in fashion as your photographer I will also be your stylist: making sure that your hair is in place, your outfit sits right and your lipstick is still where it should be.

Get in touch if you would like to receive my portfolio, pricing and more info.  

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