Frequently asked questions

We are not comfortable in front of the camera. Can you help?
Don't worry; my style is entirely photojournalistic and casual. I LOVE  capturing real emotion, and best photos come from merely letting you be you.

How long does it usually take to deliver the pictures?
I edit and post-produce all the file by my-self. It is essential for me to  maintain  my style. So the time could vary depending from the season... in winter  you can get your file in 14 working days; in autumn, when I have to work on most of the wedding of Spring/Summer season, can be necessary up to 40 working days.

Do you bring backup gear?

How many images will you deliver?
It depends, for a wedding it can vary from between 350–600 images... for a full day wedding. With every other event, depending on the time I am engaged,  we will agree a number of images.

Will we get high resolution images?
Yes, you’ll get great quality, high-resolution digital photos.

Can you provide albums?
Yes, I offer high-quality, excellent art albums.

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