Lets celebrate you together. I believe Boudoir is much more than just a romantic photo. It's a new experience every time that goes beyond photography. It is a celebration of female sensuality. 

What is boudoir?

In the past the boudoir was a place charged with sensuality and shrouded in mystery, reserved for aristocratic ladies and sophisticated upper-class women.

In such an almost consecrated space women would express and nourish their feminine nature through eroticism. They were the first influencers and their place in society and history was reflected inside the mansions and palaces. For example, Madame de Pompadour's rooms in  Versailles were situated right above the royal premises of the Sun King. Accordingly, only a few selected ones were invited to the boudoir where many historically important stories from Paris to Vienna were written in between sensual and sexual pleasures.

The boudoir photography in its simplest form means a romantic portrayal of a woman in exquisite lingerie, situated in an intimate place. This is the most basic definition but it does not reflect what the boudoir photography really is.

For me boudoir is much more than just a romantic photography. It is each time a new experience that goes beyond a simple photoshooting. It is a celebration of female sensuality. I try to tease out everything that is beautiful and sensual in a woman, her courage and her true nature. Boudoir is a celebration of you! I would like you to see and feel yourself as a piece of art because I believe that seeing yourself as a piece ofart is an ideal method to start loving your body exactly the way it is.

Let me help you to celebrate you – because every woman deserves to see and know how beautiful she is.

After the boudoir photo shoot you will definitely have better self-acceptance and you will return home with new energy and confidence.

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Cheers to your courage and beauty! 🖤


P.S. Couples boudoir? Sure, just contact me! 


Love Notes

"She brings out the best in you - makes you feel like a queen. In her boudoir anyone can become a diva, a superstar, a model. She impresses you in the process, in the story. 

One of the most beautiful experiences of my life. See you soon again in your boudoir. Grateful."

- Ana

"Charming & alluring, sexy & wild, this is how I felt under Amanda’s spotlight.”
It’s a gift to yourself, waste no time, be bold and make yourself worth it.’’

All my love


"I'm grateful that I met Amanda, who is one of those strong women who emphasizes her female POWER and BEAUTY in her boudoir! She does everything to make every woman feel divine, sensual, beautiful. 

Thank you Amanda for a wonderful experience!"

- Zala

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