Meet Simona.

Sicilan living in Dubai with her family and three children. Her smile and positive attitude towards life are contagious! With all this happy vibes, years ago when she moved to Dubai, she started Dubai Events Blog and she is passionately in love with what she does every day since. 

Simona Briggiotta aka Samira Cooper is the person you’ll soon notice if you are a fan of a glamorous (night)life in Dubai.

And what do you get when the fashion designer, make up artist, a blogger and a photographer meet? Well, laugh a lot, for sure, but during the photoshoot! :) So on a bright sunny day three women went for a walk and took some pictures for Simona, to portray a day in a life of a lifestyle blogger. Enjoy in them!

The dress was designed by Laura, the Italian Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant 

MUA: Mariya Semenova, you can find her beautiful work here @mariyasafirmua

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